Sunday, December 7, 2008

New Guinea Update AND The Winner Is...

Things are progressing wonderfully in New Guinea. They have already taught 13 lessons (the Bible translated into their tribal tongue) to the Madak People. The missionaries have had many moments in the last week alone where they could feel that people were praying for them. The latest update will be under the "Cool Christmas Giveaway" announcement. Please be in prayer for this missionary team as they present God's word and truth to a people who is just beginning to hear it for the first time in their own native tongue! You can click here to get more background information.

AND THE WINNER IS...Marie from "Busy Mom!" We drew names the old fashioned way-my daughter picked the winner's name from the Christmas bucket and Marie will be the proud owner of the book, "The Shack" by William P. Young.

Thank you to all who entered my giveaway. I was sincerely blessed by reading your favorite Scriptures and the reasons that they had become your favorites. Our God is an awesome God! My own current favorite Scripture is: I Chronicles 16:11 "Seek the Lord and His strength; seek His face always."

You are invited to join in on the conversation tomorrow as I post on "Christmas with the In laws!" I will be sharing what the Lord has been revealing to my heart & giving some practical tips and I invite you to share yours as well!

Here is the latest update letter. Thank you for praying for these missionaries!! It is making an eternal difference!
"Hello Friends and Family,

This was a great week in the village. One of the guys, Robin, who helps
with lesson translation and lesson preparation has really been exposed to a
lot of Biblical truth in the time he has spent in the office helping. He
has helped prepare and proof many of the lessons which have not even been
taught yet. The 'lights' have really been coming on for him and he has been
asking a lot of very focused questions about God's 'plan' to redeem mankind.

This week he asked: "Abel brought an animal so that he could be accepted by
God. What do we need to bring today to be accepted by God?"

That's a pretty focused question. Karl went on to explain God's plan in
further detail. Robin could, very possibly, be the first Madak to be saved
through the teaching program here in the village. We have several other
people who are really tracking and focused as well. They just haven't been
exposed to the number of lessons that Robin has been. We are praying that
once they are, they will be asking similar questions as well.

On Tuesday, after teaching on Cain and Abel, we asked them the following

"Did God accept Abel's offering because Abel was a good man and did God
reject Cain's offering because Cain was a bad man?"

There was silence at first followed by a lot of whispering between people.
No one would answer. They were really struggling with the false concept that
God accepts "good" people and He rejects "bad" people.
We went on to reinforce the truth that all people are sinners and that God
only accepts people who come before Him in the manner God Himself has
established... no other way is acceptable to God.

We then went on to teach on Noah and the ark. God instructed Noah to make
one ark with only one door. People could avoid destruction ONLY by entering
the one ark through the one door God designed into the ark. There was no
other way.

Pray this week as we cover more of Noah and the ark, the tower of Babel, God
choosing Abram and God renewing his promise to Abram....Genesis 7-17.

Please be praying with us that the Madak people will begin to put the pieces
together (as Robin is doing) as we teach these Biblical truths. Thanks for
being part of the team!

The Madak Team,

Karl, Maribeth, Laura, Matthew and Rachel Greeb
Chris, Peg, Leah, Micah and Levi Bittner
April Fish
Sharon Mihill
Beth DeLaat"

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