Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Titus 2 Tuesday - Praying in the Moment

It is that time again! I truly am so blessed to have so many wonderful Titus 2 women who have been and continue to influence my life that each week I pray that God would show me who it is that I am supposed to write about.

This week it is my friend Wendy.

I met Wendy when I was in junior high. I was attending a Christian summer camp and she (being a few years older than I) was my camp counselor. We hit it off during the week of camp and she faithfully wrote letters back to me the entire year after camp. After about a year (she went off to college and I was busy with high school) our letters dwindled off and we lost touch. A few years later while standing in line for a Wayne Watson concert we ran into each other again. She had graduated college and was working with youth at the time. She invited me to youth functions as her "aide" and I ended up going along as a chaperon with her group to a missions convention. I went off to college and we lost touch once again. I haven't seen or heard from her since...however, her impact on my life is still evident.

You see, when you were talking with Wendy, if something you were struggling with or concerned about came up; she would stop what she was doing and say, "Let's pray right now for that!"

She taught me so much about casting my cares on the Lord
and not wallowing in them or carrying them around with me for days before I finally realized that I should probably be praying about them.

She was also one of my largest influences in praying out loud with and for others. The first time that she stopped and prayed for me out loud I remember being slightly uncomfortable and then tearing up and being so blessed that someone cared enough about me to stop and pray out loud with me, in agreement with me, over my requests and burdens.

By giving me the opportunity to work alongside of her with the youth that she led; I had my first experience of ministering to others in a direct way. The missions conference that we attended was powerful. Lives were changed. I had members of the group coming to me with real and big issues - looking to me to pray with them, leading them to the Word, and following up with them after the conference to encourage them along in their walk with the Lord. It stirred something within my heart that continues on today.

So Wendy, wherever you are, I honor your influence up my life today! If we never cross paths again here on this earth; I know that we will have sweet fellowship in the presence of the Lord one day. Thank you for trusting me enough to bring me alongside of you with your youth group. I am forever changed.

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