Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let the Adventures Begin!

We will begin traveling today. I will have access to the internet most of the time and am hoping to continue posting off and on and catching up with many of you; just wanted to let you know in case I go a few days without posting at all. I am anticipating lots of fun stories and adventures to blog about!

I will leave you with a funny story that my son's (Gentle Strength) teacher told me yesterday...She had mentioned to me the other day in passing at school that she had a REALLY funny story to tell me; but that it would have to wait until another time. We ran into each other while out doing errands yesterday so I finally had a chance to hear it. She is a teacher through and through who LOVES her students and also LOVES the funny and odd things that happen while teaching young children. Having been a teacher myself; I completely understand the humor and I hope you will too!

It was Bible time and she had the children all seated in a semi-circle around her on the floor - I believe she usually sits on a low stool during this time. They were singing songs and she noticed my son distracted, looking down and clearly playing with something. So as any good teacher would do, she walked over to him (still singing) and held out her hand and gave him the "teacher look" that says, "You've been busted...give me what you are playing with." So my very respectful and obedient son, did. She said she glanced down at her hand to see what it was that he had been playing with. It looked like a fuzzy; however it was wet...still singing... she realized it was a....booger! She had to have a couple students take over the next song so she could run to the sink to wash it off...ahh; the joys of teaching!

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Daveda said...

Funny, Funny! The things kids do!!!
Merry Christmas, and have a great time with your travels.

Honey Mommy said...

Oh my word... we were in the car 14 hours yesterday, but we survived! We will be heading back on January 3rd, so you can pray for me then!

Merry Christmas!

Rocki Stillson said...

My what long eye lashes you have.

Rachel said...

A-DOR-ABLE picture... he looks far to innocent to ever be putting boogies in his teacher's hand!

This is just TOO funny!

I am still waiting for a boogie incident with our little one, he's been doing all kinds of crazy stuff lately.

Good thing your son's teacher has a sense of humor :)

Thanks for joining up and sharing such a silly story! Have a great Tuesday!

Mr. Daddy said...

nothing better than a good booger to pick...

and so thoughtful to share.....LOL

That will teacher her...ROFL