Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Titus 2 Tuesday - Power of a Praying Spouse

We have arrived safely at my in-laws after stopping along the way to see some precious friends from college...so tough to keep that visit short; but hopefully we can visit again soon. Thank you all who have been praying for our safe travels. The kids are doing amazing!

Today's Titus 2 Tuesday post is dedicated to my Mother in Law, RoseMarie. I knew I would have a little time alone this morning to write and I had just began to pray about who the Lord would have me to write about and something happened that truly brought tears of joy to my eyes...my father in law rushed back into the house to rinse and put eight small communion glasses into the dishwasher...

Why would that cause me to be moved to tears? Because several years ago I remember sitting at the kitchen table with RoseMarie and she was sharing her heart for her husband with me...that God would bless him with a wonderful group of men who he could do Bible study with and call true friends. We agreed in prayer then and I know she has faithfully prayed for those deep soul friends for her husband over the years.

A few years ago my father in law was blessed to join a mens early morning Bible study (5am!) I believe at the time all of the men attended the same church. Since that time there have been many changes. Churches have changed, jobs, lives, etc. And yet these 8 men have formed a bond that few men are blessed to expereince. They are able to be real with one another. Rejoice with each other over the good in life as grandchildren were birthed, businesses were flourishing, and loved ones came to know the Lord. They shed tears and have prayed with one another as parents left this earth, wives had surgeries and health issues, children struggled with poor choices and illness, and businesses struggled. These men have grown in their faith alongside of one another and have been able to openly share when they questioned their faith and walked dark paths.

And yesterday, as they shared their lives in the wee hours of the morning; they celebrated communion together...which makes those small glasses that my father in law was rinsing and putting into the dishwasher this morning so meaningful to me.

It was a reminder to me to follow the lead of RoseMarie. To pray for my own husband to develop those kinds of bonds between men. There is amazing power and healing in deep and true fellowship with brothers (and sisters) in the Lord.

So RoseMarie, I honor your influence upon my life today!

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Midwest Mommy said...

What a great story. It is so nice to hear about prayers really coming true.

momof3darlings said...

BEAUTIFUL post! God is so faithful to us! It may not be OUR timing, but it's always HIS!

I'm going to try to email you!

MindyLew said...

The greatest thing I have learned from all the older women in my family is "Love conquers all"!
They have taught me that no matter what trials we go through showing love no matter what truly brings everyone together.

addhumorandfaith said...

What a wonderful "Naomi and Ruth" example!

I didn't even like my DIL when she married my son, but I prayed about that relationship for years, and God answered my prayer and changed my heart so that now we have a wonderful, blessed relationship that I am oh so thankful for.