Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Transparency Series & Great Ideas!

Unfortunately, the flu bug has been spreading in our household and my computer time is minimal this week. However, His Girl, has an amazing "Transparency Series" that she has been doing that is worth checking out. She is a girl after my own heart and the comments left are as wonderful as her posts.

She has gone over personal transparency, transparency on our blogs, transparency at home and with our children (how much is too much), and transparency with our friendships.


I saw this wonderful "Do Something Daily" calendar over at MckMama's blog. It has creative ideas for things to do with your kids each day. I don't know about you, but I could use a little inspiration some days! A few of the ideas listed:
  • Put socks on your hands and dust around the house
  • Eat by candlelight
  • Go to a local school track to ride a bike, walk or run
  • Put a surprise in her shoes
  • Use a magnifying glass to find things outside
  • Organize photos
  • Make jewelry using things around the house
  • Play flashlight tag in the dark
I hope to be able to do some more writing of my own soon!! Please pray for our family as we work through this sickness! I just keep telling myself, "This too shall pass!" The above photo is where I'd love to be right now instead of cleaning up the yuckiness...on the beach in Aruba. I snapped this photo a few years ago on our vacation there.

Many Blessings!



Midwest Mommy said...

Oh no, not the flu!
I hope you guys get better that is so tough.

Maricris Zen Mama said...

Sorry to hear that you caught the bug too. It sure is going around. My kiddo got it too. Be well. Anyway, I'm visiting you back from when I was the FB @ sits. It's taking time to visit everyone! :) Hope to see you back in my blog.

Leslie said...

Ugh. I hate the flu! I loved the picture though! :)

Shelley said...

Yeah, hope you guys are back to normal soon. There has been some kind of respiratory thing going around here for about three weeks now and I have to tell you, it is getting OLD.

RosyRose said...

I m sorry you are sick!! Not fun! And things just look bigger to me when I m sick...I will say a pray for you right now that God brings his healing to your household!
Thank you so much for the love dare book...I got it!:) And also the sweet, yummy chocolate...LOVE chocolate! Thanks and my hips thank you as well:)!!
What a great gift I can't wait to plunge into it:)!

scrappysue said...

thanks for stopping by! that's a great list of things to try - love the socks.

Lora said...

I'm sorry everyone's been sick!

I love this post though. What good ideas. Even though I don't have kids, I sometimes forget that it's all about the "little things" in relationships, you know?