Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Titus 2 Tuesday - Friend Therapy


Here we are at another
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Each week I ask the Lord to impress upon my heart who it is He would like for me to write about. Today He strongly impressed a virtual "Titus 2 Woman" on my heart. I admit; I questioned it for a minute - NOT because I didn't want to honor her, but because I hadn't thought about sharing someone who I haven't met in the "real" world.

So I am venturing out today and honoring a sister who has touched my life here in the blogging world~
Jeneil. Her blog is Rhemashope (or Autism in a Word). Named after her beautiful two daughters. Jeneil has such a wonderful mother's heart. Her oldest daughter has autism. Although I do not personally have children on the autistic spectrum; I have several close friends who are in the midst of walking the path that she has found herself on and I am continuously blessed by how she is able to share openly the struggles and joys of mothering. Her writing transcends and touches the heart of every mother. One of my absolute favorite things that she often says is, "A good friend is cheaper than therapy!" Amen Sister!!

But it doesn't end there.
Her first love is clearly the Lord. She has inspired me, challenged me, and encouraged me in my own walk with the Lord. She posted the other day about how God gave her a "theme" verse for her daughter when she was still in the womb. She has prayed it over her, written it on the door of her bedroom, and is claiming it over her life. I have several "life" verses that I have claimed as my own as the Lord has impressed them upon my heart; but had never thought about asking God for specific verses to be claiming and praying over each of my children as "theme" verses for their lives. I do pray Scripture over my children (like Daniel 1:4 over my boys and parts of Esther 1:15 over my daughter), but I am praying more specifically that God would reveal Scriptures specific to each of my children that I could claim and be praying over them.

I know that Jeneil is not looking for personal recognition in any way and that she seeks to honor the Lord in word and deed; so Jeneil, today I am praising God for the way that He is at work in your life. Thank you for seeking His face and following Him! God touches my heart through you.

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Lora said...

I never fail to enjoy reading these. Jeneil sounds like a wonderful person. It's so good to have those encouraging ones in our lives.

Anonymous said...

Shanda, After a CRAZY morning involving lots of traffic and LOTS of puke, this is such a sweet blessing to me today. THANK YOU. I am surely the one who should be honoring you. Eventhough we have yet to meet in the real world, God has caused our spirits to bear witness with one another. And I fully expect to enjoy your fellowship and friendship in person one day. (After my husband's deployment it looks like we will be re-locating to your neck of the woods - I'm looking forward to seeing you and Kathryn in person!)

Janice said...

This was a beautiful post. She sounds like a woman that I would love to visit with and know. Thanks for sharing about her life.

HIS Daughter said...

How kind you are to encourage and honor a woman who truly seems to deserve it!

I just realized you are from NOVA! My family lives in Centreville! They are past the battlefield on 29 past the big giant "rock quarry hole". They are in Virginia Run. I'm sure you know where all of this is.

What church do you all attend? Well enough questions for now, but this is a pleasant surprise!


Kathryn said...

Yay, Jeneil!! Shanda, what a sweet blessing to honor her today. I fully agree with you. Jeneil blesses and encourages me beyond words!

Leslie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today! I finally posted my Titus 2! :)

seesawfaith said...

Hey! Late as usual but I got it in before it was techically Wednesday!

Great post again, as usual.

Talk to ya soon!

Gretchen said...

So true--friends are much cheaper than therapy, and I would guess that they work for longer periods of time. After all, my insurance only covers so many visits. And what most therapists of us moms of kids with differences is: find a support group. What are girlfriends if not that?

BTW, I don't have your email addy, but you won my book giveaway. :)