Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" - Tooth Fairy Version

If the Tooth Fairy comes when your child puts their tooth under the pillow;

The child will write a "thank you" note and ask for a picture of the Tooth Fairy.

If the Tooth Fairy thought the note was adorable and answers said note (after spending hours on the internet sorting through pictures of Tooth Fairies and also finding the perfect "Fairy font.")

The child will be thrilled; show all of their siblings, friends and teachers and write another note to the Tooth Fairy asking what she did with the teeth when their next tooth falls out.

If the Tooth Fairy is COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED and forgets to come the next time;

The child will shed huge crocodile tears wondering if the Tooth Fairy didn't like their tooth.

If the Tooth Fairy manages to convince said child that she must have been on vacation for a night;

The child will go to sleep happy the following night - note and tooth safely secured under their pillow with dreams of shiny coins and Fairy font.

If the Tooth Fairy realizes that she is fresh out of shiny coins, she will run out to the grocery store at a crazy hour and then spend another hour or so composing the cutest fairy fonted letter that she can think of.

The child will wake up thrilled; expectations building.

If the Tooth Fairy is wondering how in the world to end this crazy cycle; she will blog about it in hopes that her fabulous bloggy friends can offer wisdom to save her sanity even though she is sure she will look back on this and laugh one day!

The End
(is that even a possibility?)

I know you may come here for some deeper or more Spiritual thought; (I'll do my best to provide something along those lines tomorrow) but if you have any wisdom to offer, I'm all ears!!
This post was inspired by this post by Bethany over at 3SonsPlus1. (And of course, my life.)

And for what may be the most touching Tooth Fairy post ever, straight from the heart of a father, read John's post titled: Of Blood and Fairies.


Pam D said...

Oh dear. Tooth Fairy may have to reference an epidemic of tooth loss around the world that is keeping her so busy that she is no longer able to write but with assurance that she will ALWAYS love dd. ?? Maybe even leave a special bit of fairy dress cloth (pink tulle?) or a tiny bottle of fairy perfume (some scented rosewater or something similiar), so that dd can smell it and think of her? I don't know.. I just know that ds has lost several teeth while away from home, and after the first mad scramble to find a gold Sacagawea coin, I put several in my suitcase and have used every one of them. And he now has a loose tooth and we're supposed to go out of town. Yay. Hey, thanks for jogging my memory; I need to swing by the bank tomorrow! :<)

Bethany and crew said...

Who knew it would turn into THIS??? It always sounded so cute, until I became the one responsible for it, giggle.

I wish I had an answer for you, but as made evident in my post, well, yeah...clearly I do not.

Thanks for adding the link to my blog- I really appreciate that!! If only I had the guts to admit that I haven't mastered that link thing yet...but I don't.

sarita said...

hm...the problem is? there are only so many teeth she can lose - i think maybe keep some bright shiny coins put away just for this occasion..i use to put glitter under my kiddos pillows! and you know they don't even remember now that they are in their 20' i'm sure that your daughter will be fine if tooth fairy forgets one night and comes the next night. maybe tooth fairy was so busy that first night - so many kiddos losing teeth!

Keystone said...

Buy stamps Shanda!
The Post Office dispenses stamps in a machine. You slip in a $5 or $10 bill and order the lowest stamp (just one). All change comes out in Sacajawea gold.
The coin was not a hit with the public and the Post Office never heard of ATM-like paper money, so you can always get the Tooth Fairy coin at the Post Office.

I suspect the fairy as the leading cause in inflation in our economy.
"Dad, guess WHAT!!!
Sarah got $5 from the tooth fairy last night and brought the money to school today to show and tell".

Thanks a lot fairy.

Or the case of a single parent and the fairy....

does one tooth equal two fairies at two homes (mom and dad)? Santa does that.

I capped this tooth business at a dollar bill, as they were "baby teeth" afterall.

At Christmas, the Manger is the first thing put up, and the last thing taken down. And I explained to my girls that everyone puts the manger away for a year, but Jesus is around all the time.
So, I suggested we put the "Baby Jesus" into the bread drawer in the kitchen to remind us every day he is here.

It was their job to get bread out for sandwiches, and there was the perfect reminder every day of the "Bread of Life", as we called this figurine.
(On Christmas morning, he was back in the manger anew).

My sister dropped her brood off to play with mine often, as they were the same age, and she handled single parenting more harried than I.

It was time for lunch and cousin Donna was to get the bread. She pulled out a loaf bag, and then exclaimed in surprise,
"Hey LOOK! There's a baby doll in here!"....
to which my then 5 year old quickly answered,
"THAT'S not a baby doll!!
THAT'S the Bread of Life".

Dad was pleased.

And one time when dad failed as tooth fairy due to sheer exhaustion that night, I recalled to my daughter that the tooth fairy always stops to see Jesus in every house first.

"Let's check the bread drawer and see".

The Bread of Life came through again. I guess the tooth fairy left it while talking to Jesus, and forgot to go to the pillow.

This is known as Plan B.

Shanda said...

Maybe this post is really just meant to be a reminder to you! Oh, and did you read Keystone's comment? You can just swing by the Post Office!

May God bless you with traveling mercies and loads of fun!


Shanda said...

It is still so cute; just exhausting! ;) I'll shoot you an e-mail on how to "link." It is super easy!

Blessings to you and your crew!


Shanda said...

You are right; there are a limited number...but with 3 children the tooth fairy may have to stock up on coins and pre-print a few fairy-fonted letters to aide the exhaustion! The glitter idea is a lot of fun! Maybe I can do that instead of a letter now and then!

It's great to get the perspective of one who has gone through and looking back. Thank you for your comment.



Shanda said...

We don't give Sacagawea gold (although I'm sure my kids would be thrilled.) The "shiny coins" at our house are quarters. The tooth fairy is on a budget; but they do receive double for the two front know, because they are such a beautiful part of a smile.

Loved your "Bread of Life" story!
The bread of life always comes through, doesn't He?

May God fill you to overflowing today and bless those precious souls that you raised alone.


Daveda said...

LOL, you could simply wait until all the teethe fall out :) and enjoy it?

Hmmm, I probably won't have a creative answer for you. We only did the "tooth fairy" thing for about 8 years. Then when my oldest son found out there was Santa Claus, he was extremely mad at us, because...we lied to him his whole life!!!; yes, only my child would react this way *sigh*

my husband and I decided to handle the holiday celebrities a bit different from that point on. However, here's an idea that may help...

When our kids lost their first tooth, which for my kids was like, second grade...I know...we let them pick an item for $20 or less that celebrated the loss of ALL their teeth.

Obviously, your already past the first tooth, but you could say..."after you lose so many teeth the Tooth Fairy pays you a last and final visit and does...whatever, whatever"... you decide

I don't know...LOL, that the only idea I have.

Hope it helps? or, at least makes you laugh, roll your eyes, something.

Have a great day girl! Love ya!

Shanda said...

I did laugh! So thank you for trying! I guess eventually they will probably figure it out and we can just go from there.

Sometimes "in the moment" can seem overwhelming; but this is great! Giving me a much better perspective on how short this season truly is!

Love you too girl!


christy rose said...

ok I have a tooth fairy story for you. My oldest son, Josiah lost a tooth once, it was not his first one because He knew how the whole thing worked. the tooth fairy at our house always left a one dollar bill, much easier to have on hand than silver dollars. :) Anyway, he put his tooth under his pillow and woke up the next morning to find his dollar bill. He came downstairs to show me that he got his dollar bill from the tooth fairy but she forgot to take his tooth. oooops! So he decided he was going to try to trick the tooth fairy and put it under his pillow again. Guess what? The next morning there was another dollar bill under his pillow but the tooth fairy remembered to take the tooth this time. :)

Here is another: Josiah again.
He put his tooth under his pillow and woke up in the morning and looked to find his tooth was still there and no dollar bill. I like you told him she must have been overbooked for the night and to just leave it there again that night. Of course, the tooth fairy came that night. And she left two dollar bills because of her guilt. :)
Ok So from this point forward the going rate for a lost tooth in our house is now always two dollars. :) And the tooth fairy does not come anymore, the tooth and two dollar bills are just exchanged between daddy and the child who lost the tooth. It was a bittersweet time when this began to be the norm in the Rose home. But all the kids really care about is getting two dollars. Makes it much easier on the tooth fairy now too.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Cute!!!!! :)

Kristen said...

I love your story!!! It is spiritually fulfilling!!! I'm just chuckling... very, very, very cute and creative.

Shanda said...

Christy Rose ~ We all have stories like these don't we? I guess it's just part of the journey!

Amanda~I knew you would enjoy it! I actually thought about you right after I hit, "post!"

Kristen~Thank you for "getting me" so completely! Love you girl!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. Are you telling me the tooth fairy isn't real??? That she's really just a tired, forgetful mother??? What??????

Now I know what really happened that night I didn't get my money when I lost my tooth. Sheesh.

twofinches said...

Oh I have been the fairy that was exhausted and fell asleep and had to make up an excuse! Each time the magic twinkled a little less :(

As far as what the tooh fairy does with teeth, she decorates her crown and palace with them...and makes necklaces. If the lost tooth had a shiny filling it becomes a ring.

Cute post tonight!

godsown said...

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