Monday, June 15, 2009

If You Could Ask Me Anything...

What Would It Be?

I have read Q & A posts at several people's blogs in the past; most recently at Billy Coffey's place, What I Learned Today. He did an amazing job answering various questions from what his favorite toe was to his "Come to Jesus Moment."

I realized that although I have posted about a lot of things here on my blog; most of you (probably all of you actually!) have not read every post so you may have questions in the back of your mind that I may have thought I had answered along the way.

One of my friends (Shelley) recently said, "Shanda is an open book; she would tell anyone anything about her life if she thought that it would help them in some way." And honestly, I think I would. In fact, I believe that God has called me to do just that in many ways.

So, if you could ask me anything, what would you ask? I am officially inviting your questions and I will do my best to answer all of them. You can either leave a comment or e-mail me. I just ask one Billy said so eloquently in all of his southern charm, "just mind the manners your momma taught you, please."

I am also guest posting today (for the very first time) over at Belinda's blog, Eddins 4 on "The Faith of A Child." Thank you Belinda for the invitation to guest post!

I will plan to begin answering questions on Wednesday.
Many Blessings!



Bethany and crew said...

Hi there!! I've got a question for you- what is your favorite purposeful and Biblically-minded and FUN activity to do with your children?

I'm looking for ideas, so please don' feel the need to limit yourself to just one thing :) I just haven't found our niche in this area, but I'm not giving up!! Thanks!!

HappyascanB said...

I'm dying to know how you got into the Proverbs 31 Ministry stuff! Your profile says something about you being a graduate? Spill, girl!! :)

P.S. ~ How often does it happen in blog world that 2 of your 2 comments are from Bethanys!! :)

Warren Baldwin said...

Would you explain about MOPS and Prov 31 ministries?

Anonymous said...

Shanda, I'm a little late. God has blessed you with such a ministering heart and your willingness to share so much of yourself with others - for God's glory - makes you genuine and authentic. Some of the harder Truths you share are palatable, even delightful, just because of who you are and the way you teach/write.

I recently had this question on a small group leadership application and I'm curious how you would answer: What is one area in your life in which you would like to see change/growth?