Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Titus 2 Tuesdays - Friends That Clean Together...


What have learned from another woman this week? (or ever)

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One of my very best friends to this day was my college roommate/suite-mate. I met Lydia on my first day of college. She (and her family) walked into the room catching a glimpse of me sitting on the bathroom counter trying to shave my legs in the sink. (Lovely first impression!) I feel the need to explain why in the world I was doing that...but I will refrain and keep my focus on Lyd!

From that first embarrassing moment; she was an instant friend. We experienced most of our "college firsts" together. She helped me weed my way through college romances and I was partially responsible for the meeting of Lydia and her husband. (I had become friends with his older brother.) She was the first person that I told when I got off the phone with my dad when he told me that my mom had terminal cancer. She cried and prayed with me every time I received new news of my moms failing health. She gave me wonderful praise and worship tapes (yes, tapes!) to encourage me.

When I got word that it was time to go home in preparation for my moms death; Lydia was there helping me pack, communicating with my instructors and turning in projects for me so I didn't have to be running all over campus. She has always been a true friend in every sense of the words and one of my biggest cheerleaders for my many ideas and opportunities along the path of life.

The times that I remember being the most memorable and special between us though...scrubbing our bathroom floor in the middle of the night. In those moments, the business of life dimmed; our roommates were fast asleep, and we would talk openly about everything. Our tears and laughter often helped us clean. It was there, scrubbing the bathroom floor that our hearts were knit together in a David and Jonathan friendship kind of way.

I treasure you, my sweet friend. I am so glad that our families are still close and that you are coming to visit soon. You have blessed my life. You have laughed, cried, lived out your own faith, and encouraged me to know Him more and live fully what He has and is calling me to. Thank you.

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HappyascanB said...

Wow. What an amazing friend Lydia has been to you! It reminds me of my college roomie who I featured a few weeks ago. We are blessed beyond measure!

I am not smart enough for this create a link business, but I did play along today!

Dawn Jenkins said...

I am not smart enough either...but I played along!
What a wonderful friend!

Valerie said...

She is a great friend!! Like this idea and I am going to post one myself. I'll be back to see if I can link up.

Belinda said...

How sweet to have a friend like this. Friends are God's gifts to us. Great post, love to read them every week.

Gretchen said...

That's so beautiful, Shanda.

My grum always cleans my bathroom with me.

You see, I call her about once a week, and generally, I'm swishin' the commode when doing so. She gets a kick out of it. Makes her feel a little more active when I "take her places" (e.g. dog walks) because she doesn't get out much.

Pam D said...

That was a sweet, sweet post, Shanda! No wonder you wanted to start this meme; you're surrounded by a bevy of wonderful women! I was going to link my prayer request for my friend Sue over here, since she was one of my Titus2 women, but Mr. Linky was pretty tricky, and now it's a bit late. But please do keep her in your prayers.. thanks so much! hugs..

Jennifer said...

I am also still close to one of my college friends....what a blessing! To know me then...and still love me!! amazing:)

Kelly's Ideas said...

Friends like this are rare.. God has truly blessed you.


Kristen said...

what an amazing friend you have! It actually reminds me of my college roommate who I finally got together with last night!!

Janice said...

What an amazing gift you received having her as a friend when you needed someone the most. I love it when a gift like that comes a long.
I need to repent for not being better at the Titus 2 Tuesday. I will work harder at this. I enjoyed the couple times I did it. It gave me a chance to think of friends and a chance to write.
Thanks for continuing to share.

Anonymous said...

And what a perfect name for such a beautiful friend.
The worship tapes you mentioned triggered some of my own college memories -- I still have some of those "mixes."

Anonymous said...

We(me & you) have been blessed by having such a true friend, like the example of Lydia. Thank you for sharing.