Monday, February 23, 2009

Titus 2 Tuesday - Serving Others


Here we are at another
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Today I am choosing to honor my friend, Linda. She loves the Lord and is such a walking testimony of Christ's love for others. One of my first memories of Linda was her telling a friend that she was in the grocery store and couldn't decide what brand to buy of something so she prayed about it. Asking God to show her and help her to choose wisely. I knew I needed to get to know her! I love how she seeks God's face in EVERYTHING - big or small. It is such a wonderful example and reminder to me.

I was blessed to have her as my own group leader last year in MOPS. (Mothers of Preschoolers) Her heart for our group of women was huge. We had no doubt that she loved us, prayed for us, and would go out of her way to bless us.

This past week a mutual friend of ours, who has been extremely sick lately, told several of us that she was overwhelmed and behind in housework, laundry, etc. You know that feeling when life has just completely overwhelmed you and you simply don't know where to begin? She was there. Linda went out of her way and went with her to the laundry mat so she could get all of her laundry done at one time. Going to the laundry mat alone is no fun; but add a girlfriend who will talk and laugh with you while the clothes are being washed and dried and then fold them all with you...amazing. Memorable even. What a huge step in helping our mutual friend to regain momentum and get back into life.

I am continuously amazed at how you allow the Lord to lead you Linda. His love is evident and overflowing and I am blessed to call you my friend!

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seesawfaith said...

Hi Shanda!

Sweet week to you my sister friend!

Got my blog in super early this time.

I'm sure we will be "speaking" again soon!

:) Shannon

Lora said...

hey, me too! I followed the trend of early birds :)

MindyLew said...

I have posted a poem about "what every woman should know" This is dedicated to woman everywhere - grab a cup of coffee (or drink of your choice) and stop by!!!

Gretchen said...

Not sure if i'm ready to link up, yet,but I sure appreciated the post and encouragement for all of us to pray about anything from the smallest decision to the largest inconvenience. Something ringing a bell about praying w/o ceasing...

Something Marvellous said...

Oops - I think I entered my link twice - sorry! I found your blog through another blog and just love this post!

Leslie said...

This is the first time I've done it. I loved your post! :)

joanofalltrades said...

Nice tribute to your friend! I've learned from "Wenda" that you never know when a "crazy" idea will spearhead an entire movement.