Wednesday, February 25, 2009


As I type I am listening to a new Cd by a group called, VOTA. (You can check it out here - copy & paste into your URL: My absolute favorite song on this cd is called "Honestly." I should warn you that all of the songs are on the "rocky" side except for my favorite song, so if contemporary music isn't your thing, you may want to only listen to "Honestly."

Living authentically.

What do those two words mean to you?

I think many times it is easier for people to "place their best foot forward" instead of being authentic. I am going to post more about what it means to me in another post soon. I will be speaking on the topic coming up and wanted to get your feedback. It would mean a lot to me if you'd take a few minutes and share your thoughts. If you'd rather share annonymously or send me an e-mail; feel free.

I pray God would touch and bless each of you who read this post today! He loves you and longs to fill you with His peace, grace and joy.



Busy Mom said...

Your topic you are going to speak on sounds great and much needed in this day and age. May God fill you with just what needs brought forth--Blessings sweet friend!

Anonymous said...

At the moment, the first 2 things that come to mind are:
1) Trying to check my motivaions for everything I do -- is it for my glory (the praise of others) or the Lord's.
2) To be honest even if it makes others slightly uncomfy - when people ask me how I'm doing, for e.g. Instead of putting on the Christian smile and saying "Fine!", when I'm struggling, I want to say, "I'm hurting right now... could use your prayers." (But right now, I'm really fine. Honestly.) 8)

Jimmy Parker said...

To me authenticity is virtually the same as integrity, and to be clear, integrity is more than being free from lying, cheating or stealing. It's where you truly walk your talk, where your "life" (i.e. behavior) aligns with your "lips" (the values you say you have). That's when your insides and your outsides are truly integrated--that's integrity.

You might also want to review Pastor Jay's message titled Make us Authentic from 6/22/08 (10MB mp3 file).

Janice said...

To me "Living Authentically" would mean to really live my life of who I am. Not trying to be someone else but to really be myself. I have been on a journey to find the real me and I think I can now say that I have found who I am. I can now be the real me or the authentic me. I'm not trying to be like anyone else or compare myself to others, but I just want to be real with who I am.
This is my thought on the topic.
Good luck!!

joanofalltrades said...

I think living authentically means living "your" life, not the life you are suppose to live by others' standards. Living authenically means listening to God's purpose for your life and using the talents and gifts He has blessed you with to serve and please Him.