Monday, August 10, 2009

What Encourages You?

Dayspring has launched a new website to (In)Courage Christian Women. There are several amazing writers that will be contributing to the site and I am sure it will be a tremendous blessing to many! You can check it out here!

Today they are inviting bloggers to answer the question, "What Encourages You?" You can link up and enter for a chance to win a limited edition t-shirt.
While I am often blessed by the smiles, laughter, and words of others; I was intrigued by the way that the title of their new site plays on the word "encourage." The emphasis is placed really on "what brings you courage?" As I thought through what it is that brings me courage each day in the many roles that I hold, the following things came to mind:

The example of Godly men & women in the Bible. Currently, I find myself drawn to Daniel, Esther, and Abraham. Each of them were faithful and obedient in their walk with God. Each took a stand in the face of danger and/or the unknown. They looked to God for their approval and were willing to die rather than to walk away from what God had called them to do. Their courage stands as an encouragement to me.

Other Christ followers who I know IRL and on the internet. I am blessed to have amazing Christian men and women in my life who speak life and truth to me. Those who allow me to be real and open and who are transparent enough to be real with me as well. Transparency requires humility; but it is so worth it in relationships.

My Husband. One of the prayers that I pray daily for my children is that they will marry someone who will draw out their gifts, support them in developing them, and push them to be all that God intended for them to be. (I pray that my children would do the same for their spouse as well.) My husband encourages and pushes me to be courageous and step out in faith when I am prompted and he does his best to equip me for success.

Our marriage has gone through ups and (some very large) downs. But as we have grown in our relationships with the Lord and one another; it has given us courage to push our "marriage" to being all that God designed it to be. If you are needing encouragement in your marriage; click here. God is a God of restoration. Through Him all things are possible!

So what is it that (In)Courages you?



Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Great post! :) Don't you love that new site??! I can see myself spending some time there. :) Thanks so much for your sweet comment. I am already (in)courage(d) by the great feedback I've received today. :)

Daveda said...

Great post Shanda! Among many other things, I am encouraged by the message of Grace...and those that I see live it out. Refreshing!

rcubes said...

What a great list of encouragers you have! And may God bless you as you encourage us also through your wonderful posts. Blessings.

Pam D said...

Staying in God's Word encourages me more than anything, and next up is being around others who stay in it, too. Next week, we'll have the Circle of Prayer around my boy's school. THAT is huge for me.. for faculty, staff, students, and parents to join hands as they circle the entire school building, and to pray with one accord for God to cover the school with protection and provide a year filled with things that glorify Him. THAT is encouraging!
And then, there are sites like yours... and Angie Smith's..and the new InCouragement... all wonderful!

christy rose said...

Shanda, That is a wonderful site. One of the things that brings courage to me is the revelation of the finished work of Jesus. As I realize my part is finished in pleasing my Father through faith in Jesus' pleasing Him, it brings me courage to trust Him because if pleasing Him depended on me, I would be a coward.
Thanks for sharing (In)Courage Christian Women with us.

Farmgirl Paints said...

When others have faith in me it somehow "encourages" and strengthens me.

Anonymous said...

I love the way God gives us little, tangible reminders that He sees us, love us and will never leave us. You know, those things that could only come from a God who knows us intimately. That (in)Courages me.
I am also blessed to have wonderful, Godly men and women in my life who spur me on in the faith. Just by their presence in my life, I am (in)couraged that God must really love me to bless me with such friends.

seesawfaith said...

wonderful post!

It is so great to see the encouragement that surrounds you. It is great to know that no matter what life throws at you or what you attempt, that there will be someone there that will hold you up, hold your hand, wisper the word you need most, or just to sit and be present when no one else will.


Gretchen said...

Iron sharpening iron (en)courages me. I'm just learning how/what to pray over my kids, and the prayer for their spouse is one that I've done, but only in a vague way. Thank you for the words to say.

Holley - (in)courage said...

Yes, you are so right! He is a God of restoration and I loved hearing how He has brought encouragement and hope to your life, and especially your marriage. So glad to be (in) with you!