Monday, August 10, 2009

Titus 2 Tuesday -The Hollowness of Outer Beauty


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I'm late out of the gate this morning! Littlest One was up and down all through the night last night. Hopefully he is not coming down with something.

"Back to School" is in the air! As I was prayerfully considering who to write about today; it seemed fitting to honor one of the wonderful women of faith that my children have the opportunity to learn from at school.

As a bit of a side note; one of the reasons we have continued to send our children to Christian School is the fabulous role models that are ever present before them. Not only the faculty and staff; but our school connects some of the older students to the younger ones to encourage, pray for, and to be an example to. My daughter especially has been deeply impacted by these relationships.

Today I will be honoring the Principal of my children's school, Mrs. Underwood. I love this woman for so very many reasons, but especially because she is passionate about the children coming into a relationship with Jesus Christ and growing in His knowledge and grace through His Word.

She is intentional about forming relationships with the children. Every morning she meets with them all in the gymnasium before school begins and she does fun trivia questions and challenges with them and they pray together before dismissing to their classes.

She is often their chapel speaker (they have chapel once a week.) The "theme verse" for this past year was:

"See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ." Colossians 2:8

Mrs. Underwood spent several chapel times going over the application of that verse in practical ways. One particular day, she focused on "The Hollowness of Outer Beauty." As an illustration, she brought in a Barbie-type doll and several magazine covers. She showed the value that is placed on our outer appearance and how many spend most of their money and time in pursuit of a beautiful outer appearance (with their person and belongings.)

Then, she cut the doll in half.

Yes, you read that correctly. She definitely had my attention - and every child in the room. She called one of the children up to tell everyone what was inside of the doll. "Nothing," the child responded.

She proceeded, in her soft and tender way, to talk to all of us about how the world deceives us. We are bombarded with images and messages that tell us that if we can obtain outer beauty that we will be happy. Be fulfilled. Be complete. And yet those claims are hollow. Those things alone are not enough to bring us contentment and joy.

True fulfillment comes only through relationship with our creator. While outer beauty is not wrong; it is not enough. On it's own, it is empty.

She then proceeded to discuss with the children how we can be filled by God's love for us. That His love shines brightly inside of us and causes us to be beautiful from the inside out. When we know His love and peace, we can offer beauty to all that we come in contact with. Not the hollow beauty that only makes others feel less about themselves; but the kind of beauty that brings peace and love to others.

That was a message I desire for my daughter to take to heart. To learn young so she is not constantly striving to be someone or something that she is not; but that she can embrace the beauty that God has created her to be. And honestly, it was a great reminder to me as well.

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*It is important to note that chapel is separated by grade levels so although this message was deeply meaningful to my second grade daughter; it may not be appropriate for a younger child who could not grasp the accompanied meaning.*

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Warren Baldwin said...

Wow, what a powerful illustration! I can see why you love your children's school and principal. That doll illustration will live with them the rest of their lives. It is hard living in a society that puts so much emphasis on the external to the neglect of what is inside. God works to renew us daily ... internally! Good post.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Do you send your kiddos to FCS?? I recognized the name of the mom teaches 2nd grade at the "Southern" campus (sorry, trying to not put city names on here) Just curious. :) I graduated from FCS in '98. :)

Hope you have a chance to enjoy that spaghetti sauce recipe! I love!!

Dawn Jenkins said...

Love that illustration...very powerful!!! Sounds like a wonderful school! Good luck gettign back into the "swing" of things! It seems we all need a "vacation" from our "vacation"!

Farmgirl Paints said...

So good. I know it's easy to get wrapped up or focused on the wrong things. What a great illustration!

I grew up going to a Christian high school for awhile. I loved chapel.

Chris said...

She sounds like a wonderful principal!

Rachel said...

Wow... it is just amazing to see those rare people who truly have a heart to see children come to know God personally.

I should know - my mom is one of those people. A children's pastor(ess) for years, she continues to serve in a dynamic way that makes kids want to know what she's got and how they can get it too.

That is such a powerful illustration - I would be so blessed to have someone like that in my kid's life too.

And good warning on the age thing... my kiddo would have been ecstatic to see a doll cut in half and would have tried it himself the first chance he got! :)

Gretchen said...

What a lovely woman. We are taught how we'll never measure up from day one. Bless this woman who sees these children as God sees them. And bless her for teaching discernment against lies, too.

Karen said...

My first grade teacher was an awesome Christian and her name was Miss Underwood. Though she taught in public school, she read the Bible to us and prayed for us and sang worship songs every morning. That was 1956.

casiphia said...

That is a wonderful way to teach young ladies about the outer beauty. My daughter goes to a public school and how wonderful if it could be taught there. Between God and I we have taught how to dress appropiately and I am thankful for the Lord for helping in that area. Like me she is amazed at how some of her classmates dress and the parents buy the stuff for them. Thank you God for teaching us how to live.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

This is a wonderful post, Shanda. This is something that everybody should read... especially those who constantly pursue hollow beauty.
God bless you.

rhemashope said...

Such a powerful lesson, and her illustration is one that the students will not soon forget. Thank God for Christian schools and Godly teachers and role models. This past school year I had the opportunity to teach computers in a small Christian school. It was amazing to see the impact made on those kids - it confirmed for me that I will send my children to a Christian school if at all possible.

RCUBEs said...

Powerful demo! Reminded me when my oldest Christian bro. showed my skeptical dad what an idol meant.He smashed one to the horror of my dad and saw that the back was made from cigarette cases where the molding [cast] was glued. My dad got it. He understood that nothing would happen when people pray to such. He accepted the Lord into his heart that day! Glory to God!
God bless.

Debbie said...

Sounds like you have found the perfect school for your kids!
Dropped by from SITS.

christy rose said...

I have an award for you! Please stop by and pick it up when you can!

Mich said...

Just visiting...what a beautiful blog and a wonderful post!

We are about to start school too, but unfortunately I don't have the blessing of a good Christian school in my area. what a blessing you have.

Kathryn said...

What a beautiful (and fitting!) tribute to Mrs. Underwood! I, too, am so grateful for her Godly leadership, and I loved last year's chapels. So many brought joyful tears to my eyes as she connected with the children through God's Word and Spirit.

I've missed you this summer! I've been out of touch with my cybersisters in blogland for the past couple of months. But, I look forward to seeing you at FCS Orientation on Thursday! :-)

Sarah Dawn said...


I am always blessed to come and learn from you. Thank you for continuing to bless us all. I am asking the Lord right now to burn away the dross on the inside, no more polishing the outside luster when the inside is eroding.

Blessings to you,
Sarah Dawn