Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Titus 2 Tuesday - Never Return an Empty Dish

I am linking up for "Titus 2 Tuesday!" The idea behind this is really really simple.

"What have you learned from another woman this week (or ever)?"

My mom died when I was 20, so I have come to value the advice and wisdom of other women. Some older, some not. I think we can learn A LOT from our sisters in Christ! So here is my very first "Titus 2 Tuesday" post. I am choosing to honor my friend, Theresa...

Theresa is a fabulous cook who is generous enough to bring me left overs and samples here and there! I cannot remember the first time that I had given her something in a dish, but when she returned it back to me it was, of course, washed...and filled! With moist towelettes. I said, "What is this all about???" She informed me that "in the south," you never return a dish empty...usually she would have filled it with chocolates or some yummy treat, but she was fresh out so she gave what she had...moist towelettes! I LOVED it! Since then I have tried to never return a dish empty. Once I literally had NOTHING to put in a dish, so I wrote out some of my favorite Scriptures and placed them inside the dish and then covered it with plastic wrap. The person I gave it to said it blessed them tremendously. It was simple,easy and free!

So Theresa..."You go girl!" Love & HUGS!

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Kingdom Mama said...

Wonderful post!!! I love it!

mumameee said...

Great post! Such a nice thing to do :)

Kathryn said...

As a fellow southerner, I can really appreciate this post! In fact, on Saturday morning, I made banana-pecan-cream cheese-peanut butter(!!) muffins. I sent a couple over the neighbors across the street. Last night, my "dish" (which was a pitiful plastic container) was returned ... full of homemade pumpkin gingerbread cookies! :-)

Honey Mommy said...

How cool! I am never going to return a dish empty again!

CityMom, CountryMom said...

I'm so glad I found you through Dana, I happen to have an empty dish sitting in my kitchen (it was an apple pie from the mayor's wife) and I plan on filling it with seven layer bars...but oh, to add a piece of scripture, what a great idea!
CountryMom (Suzanne)