Thursday, November 20, 2008

In the Quiet

My husband blessed me this past weekend by sending me off to a hotel for two nights...BY MYSELF...if you had told me before kids that I would love that so much I would probably have laughed and said "Why would someone do that?" I love time with my husband and also fun girls nights or weekends, but sometimes I just need to get away from it all and be still. Yes, although I'm sure many do not see me as an introvert; at heart I still am.

I enjoy thinking deeply and examining those questions and ideas that I have "stuffed" into the corners of my mind "for later..." It is both encouragind and convicting to me and it is in the quiet that I personally am able to draw closer to the Lord.

It isn't always realistic to get away for a weekend though (this was my first in two years.) I am wondering how the rest of you find (take) those quiet moments...aside from nap time and after the kids are in bed...what do you do throughout your day to take that time? I am purposing to take more "mommy time outs" within the flow of my life.

So what is your best advice or idea for me? (I guess I should also mention that we do not have family around to help out or have the kids go spend the night...) I am all ears!

Many Blessings!


Melissa said...

Here's an idea for you; bring the kiddos to me for a sleepover.

Shanda said...

We'd LOVE to! :) Let's get together to discuss dates!

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

Hi there! I totally love this idea of a weekend away! :) Sounds incredible to me!!

I've never had family to help with our kids either. Even though they are 6 & 7 now, sometimes I still give "quiet time" to everyone, myself included! I give them a few books, and they get on their bed to read and rest for an hour, no getting up or calling for me unless it's very important! I take that time for myself to rest and have "me time". The kids are rested, it's good for them to have some quiet reading time, and I'm in a better place when done also!

Denise said...

I dont get "me" time. Unfortunalty my hubby doesnt seem to believe that being a SAHM can be stresful. He looks at it as having the easy life and not working. HA..he couldnt be more wrong. So anyway, I dont have any suggestion but I cant wait to read what others tell you...maybe I will get some ideas.
And thanks for stopping by my blog!!

Kathryn said...

Shanda, what a precious gift! I, too, love (crave!) quiet time. I try to carve it out at home, but there's something about just getting away and having the refreshingly clean and pure slate of nothing but you and the Lord. It is refreshing and restorative!

I was craving such a "retreat" towards the end of this summer but never scheduled one. Ooh, maybe that will be my Christmas gift request ... a voucher for a New Year's retreat! :-)