Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Like the Sprite in You!

Does anyone (other than me) remember those old Sprite commercials? This particular one holds a special meaning for me. Several years ago (obviously!) I had decided that I would listen to God's voice and actually respond if I sensed Him prompting me to do something. I had heard stories of others who had been "prompted" by God to do things and how God amazingly worked and blessed others out of their obedience.

So I was out on a lunch break one day and I had to make a run by the grocery store to pick up a few things. On my way, I saw an elderly man out in front of his house mowing his yard. It was a terribly HOT day and he looked like he was struggling. I felt God prompt my heart to bring him a cold drink. Immediately my mind began justifying why I shouldn't:

1. I didn't even know this man!
2. I didn't have much time...hadn't even eaten lunch yet
3. What was I going to do, just pull over and hand him a cold drink???

Then Mark 9:41 popped into my mind, "For whosoever shall give you a cup of water to drink in my name, because ye belong to Christ, verily I say unto you, he shall not lose his reward."

"O.K., God, I am listening!" I thought. But the man's front yard was tiny and I thought surely he would be finished by the time I had acquired a cold drink for him! I went on my way to the grocery store, got my items and then at the check out grabbed a cold Sprite out of the cooler next to the register. IF the man was still there when I drove by, I would do it!

I have NO IDEA what kind of technical difficulties that poor gentleman must have had while I was gone, but there he was still mowing that tiny plot of land. I remember my heart beating like crazy as I jumped out of my car, handed him the Sprite and said something about how he looked hot and God told me to give him a cold drink. Jumped back in my car and drove off.

It was my beginning in listening to God speak to me and choosing to allow Him to use me to bless others even if in seemingly strange ways. There have been several times over the years now when God has impressed things upon my heart to do. Sometimes I see His purposes and others I may never know what He was up to. Maybe I will hear, "the rest of the story..." up in heaven some day. The thing that I have learned over the years is not to allow myself to "reason" my way out of doing things I am prompted to do. I have had a few of those "missed opportunities" as well. Times when I have been prompted to do or say something, talked myself out of it and then afterward known that I should have acted but knowing the opportunity was gone.

If you have never experienced God in this way before I encourage you to give it a try. Ask Him to speak to your heart and to use you to be a blessing to someone. Be prepared that you may automatically begin to "reason" your way out of the very thing He is asking you to do - if you find yourself "reasoning" check yourself to see if there is a good reason why you shouldn't do it...

I would love to hear some of your "God" stories!

One more oldie but goodie..."Where's the beef?!" Now I am really showing my age!

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Many blessings!


Dana-from chaos to Grace said...

Both my husband and I have recently started doing this and sometimes, like you said, it sounds so ODD, but then there's times you know you did something right. Over the last few months, I've bought groceries for the stranger in front of me in line, my husband has chased down a man to give him gas money (LOL OMG that was a HOOT!), and I've been prompted to give up a big chunk of my daughter's wardrobe. That was VERY difficult for me to do. LOL But once I started, I couldn't stop and even gave the brand new Enesco table night light for my daughter's bedroom still in the box!

Money is SO tight for us all the time, that a lot of times, it IS an act of God on our part to do it because it IS a sacrifice. But it's a lesson in obedience we are so willing to learn.

Gretchen said...

Shanda, what a sweet, sweet story. Thanks for the reminder to listen to those "God Whispers". Love the picture, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your sweet comments the other day. You made me smile.

This story showed me how I need to be more open to hear God talk to me. I want to be obedient and I know God will bless me by listening to Him. Thank you for reminding me to keep my ears and heart open!

American in Norway said...

We have a Somali family living at the end of the street...I see this lady walking everywhere in town..head covered & her long skirts... We happened to be shopping at the grocery store... it would have been a perfect opportunity to introduce myself... (I didn't...) as I walked out of the store...I thought to myself...(god speaking to me?) I should offer her a ride home... it is a long way to go with the groceries.. (I didn't) I was on my way home... & I kept thinking...I should have offered. I turned the car around.. & thought...OK if she is in front of the store I will ask her... she wasn't.... as I went to turn my car around to go back home, she came out of the store with all of her bags... I pulled the car over & asked if she wanted a ride...(hoping she didn't think I was a weirdo...) She was so thankful... & it made me feel really glad... & I was able to meet on of the neighbors...

Shanda said...

I do believe that was God prompting your heart to give her a ride! :)

Daveda said...

Shanda, this is a great entry! I love it!

I was just recently in a Taco Bell drive through with my 9 yr old son Chase, when the Holy Spirit prompted me to pay for the people behind me. I, of course, instinctively looked in my rear-view mirror to see how many people were in the van that followed me LOL! I found an entire family there and thought "Okay Lord you know I only have $20.00 left!"

I paid for my order, and then told the young lady working that I would like to pay for the order behind me as well. A look of surprise made its way across her face and she said "Really?" I responded with a smile and a nod of my head.

My son asked "Why did you do that mom?" and I was given another wonderful opportunity, to show my son what it looks like to trust God.

I too, have missed times like these, one not so long ago. However, as I grow closer to God I learn to trust and believe Him, this gives me the strength to step out when He prompts me too!

Keep pressing on!

Rachel said...

Great post! Can you just imagine how many times God wanted to use us to bless someone else and we simply brushed it off for whatever reason?

Some of the things we feel prompted to do, might not make any sense... but there are abundant stories of God providing for SPECIFIC needs through the obedience of strangers.

What a blessing! Thank you so much for linking up and for the great reminder!

Mr. Daddy said...

Gr8 post. something we all need to be aware of, and do more often...
thanks for the reminder :o)

and how bout: a little dab will do you? (Brillcream)

Or bud----WISE----er

of It will rinse your troubles down the drain (Mr. Clean)

Lisa said...

I'm here from Daveda's "Blogger Appreciation Week". I don't know why, but I'm crying through every post I read. It's wonderful to see God's family at work, even if not in person.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful story.