Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Guinea Update

I will be posting updates each Sunday afternoon/evening about the missionary group who is ministering in New Guinea to a tribe called the "Madak People." Here is the latest...

"The Madak people, being animistic, are well aware of the spirit world around them. They have specific names for different spirits they encounter. The lesson on Lucifer was the beginning of a process that, Lord willing, will help them to understand how their ancestors were deceived by the spirits and they, ultimately, have been deceived as well. There have been comments made that show they are beginning to question some of this. Their animistic roots run to the core of their being. So, please pray that the Holy Spirit will be at work in their hearts to help them understand the Truth.

Please be praying with us this week as we teach on the fall of Adam and Eve and the results of their disobedience to God. This is a very foundational truth that is critical for them to understand. We need to communicate this as clearly and effectively as we are able to. Please pray that we will do just that. Confusion abounds in their minds concerning this topic. If we had time, we could tell you some wild stories we have heard surrounding this topic. They desperately need to understand what the Bible actually teaches about the fall of mankind. Please be praying.
PRAISE GOD with us:
Weather is still holding up
Continued office help
The Elderly people in the village are faithfully listening to the audiorecordings of the lessons that we take to them each week

Pray for physical and mental strength for each of us.
Pray that God would show HIS LOVE through us as we interact with the people.
Pray for good attendance as there are many interruptions coming up
Pray for God's Word to open the eyes of these people
Pray for wisdom as we answer questions that the people ask

THANK YOU for your prayers,

The Madak Team
Karl, Maribeth, Laura, Matthew and Rachel Greeb
Chris, Peggy, Leah, Micah and Levi Bittner
Sharon Mihill & April Fish"

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Mikki Black said...

Shanda -

Thanks for your kindness. Thankfully, this is a quick bug - here and gone in just a few days. I got my appetite back for dinner, and I'm already starting to feel like my old self again!

I guess that means I should go to work tomorrow....