Thursday, July 31, 2008

Marital Moments Issue 2 - Laughing With Your Spouse

Laughing with your Spouse

One of my all time funniest memories with my spouse was made when we were in a volleyball league together. A group of us at our church had decided to form a team at a local recreational center. Sadly however, I think we were the only two who had actually really played before. We had joined it for "fun," but all of you who know us know how competitive we both are. It was a humbling season to say the least. I don't think our team won a single game (except maybe the one we won by forfeit because the other team didn't show up!) But we had a lot of fun with our team.

There was one team in particular who we played twice. The first time they creamed us and instead of being good sports, they just outright disrespected and made fun of some of our team members. When we realized we would be playing them again, our competitive spirit got the best of my husband and I. We worked hard with our teammates to make sure it wasn't going to be a repeat of the first go round. We were doing well. Scoring points. Making them take us seriously as competition. That is when their "star" server began serving. She would throw the ball up in the air and then jump up to the ball and hit it over in a serve. It looked cool. She was good. They scored a few points with her serve. Then it was my husband's turn to serve. Adrenalin was high. He decided to match their energy and service. He threw the ball up, jumped to meet the ball in a serve....and TOTALLY missed the ball. It was FUNNY! O.k., maybe it was one of those moments where you had to be there to see the humor in it, but I laughed so hard and I could NOT stop. I am laughing now as I write this just remembering it! (He laughed too after the initial embarrassment-he's great like that!)

What is my point in telling you all of this? Laughter is such an important component in marriage. Think back to when you were dating, engaged, and first married. Do you remember laughing together? As we age and life gets so serious and busy it is easy to forget to laugh together. Remember to be willing to laugh at yourself. We have also had slap happy late nights watching funny movies. I'd love to hear what you and your spouse do to pursue laughter. You can comment by clicking on the "comment" button beneath this post.

A merry heart does good, like medicine; but a broken spirit dries the bones.” (Proverbs 17:22NKJV)

Many Blessings!


madlavigne said...

You are a beautiful writer Shanda! I have been reading your blogs and Im encouraged to see and hear your heart so full of the Lord! He is recognizable in everything we do and its so great to have someone like yourself showing, through your life, the way he wants to relation and partner with in EVERYTHING we do. Thank you for sharing His love in your life and keep on writing!!!!!!!!xoMichelle L

Susan P said...

We laugh on our date nites. One of us will inevitably say something silly and when our marriage is in good shape - we laugh. We also laugh with/at the kids... 3 and 4 are such entertaining ages. We also try to watch comedies together every so often.