Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sweet Moments

My mom would have been 56 years old today. Although it has been almost 16 years since she went to be with the Lord, her birthday still holds such a tenderness to me. I learned a lot through her battle with cancer:

1. Difficult times separate the "fair weather friends" from those who are willing to venture into the valley alongside of you and eventually gently take hold of your hand and help you to begin your ascent back out.
2. There can be amazing healing and growth in the midst of pain and suffering.
3. All of the insignificant distractions of daily life melt away leaving you the ability to clearly focus on the vital things in life.

I miss my mom's unconditional love, knowing that regardless of what the situation was that she would fight with everything in her on my behalf, I miss her peanut butter fudge, and her over all contribution in my life.

However, this post is not intended to sadden you, but help you to focus a bit more clearly on living life to it's fullest today. To enjoy the simple moments. To capture them and not let them slip away unnoticed. Here are a few of my simply wonderful moments that I am embracing today.

My Littlest One, still fresh from God, brings such laughter and light into my life. Here are a few of the things that I love about him:
...he accepts the simple act of my laying on the floor as an invitation to play
...he can say, "more please" perfectly when there is chocolate involved
...his obsession with hats - he has the cutest hair in the world and yet it is always covered. Often wearing several different hats in a day
...the adorably cute way he says, "thank you"

My Older Son, has such a gentle strength about him. Here are a few things I love about him:
...tenderness to embrace openly the things of the Lord
...cannot bear to see others suffering - eagerly walks beside them through difficulty - No doubt he will be an amazing husband
...such an innocence in silliness! Who knew making up new North, South, East, West rhymes could be so much fun?
...the "fuzzy nuzzles" he gives me every night at bedtime

My Daughter and oldest child, lives with such vibrance and passion. Here are a few things I love about her:
...when watching her, I am reminded that true beauty is best seen in laughter
...that others cannot help but acknowledge her presence when she enters a room she leads without even trying much she loves the friendship and laughter of her brother and the hugs of her baby brother

Embrace your sweet moments today...

(Note - the phrase "fresh from God" is borrowed from John Blaze over at his blog, "The Dirty Shame." He often uses it when referencing his own children.)


Dana-from chaos to Grace said...

What a BEAUTIFUL post! I love that! I am blessed beyond belief that God brought my Mom back after her HORRIBLE year last year with strokes and a heart attack. In fact, that's my Thankful Thurs blog for tomorrow, so don't tell! LOL

You left such a SWEET comment on my blog! I wish I lived closer too! I'm always looking for new people to photograph!

Heather said...

I miss your mom. I loved her laugh and smile. I loved her (and your dad) calling me feather. Even if it NEVER really applied. :-) She really would love you unconditionally, wouldn't she. And I KNOW that she would have been very proud of the woman that you have become!

Shanda said...

Ok Heather...but don't hug me-it will just make me cry! :)

Love you. I just sent your mom an e-mail yesterday. Give your dad a "special handshake" for me...

Melissa said...

Reading your post brought a smile to my face thinking about your sweet kids. Thank you for letting me be a part of their lives.

Honey Mommy said...

Thanks for this post. It has been a challenging day at our house. Right now my babies are asleep... but as soon as they wake up I am going to give them a big hug and enjoy our evening together.

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Kathryn said...

Oh, Shana, this made me cry ... and smile ... and cry again ...