Thursday, August 28, 2008

Comment Contest!

How would you like to receive two free movie tickets to "Fireproof, The Movie"? It is as simple as posting a comment under this blog entry! I am asking for you to leave a comment telling me which has been your favorite posting so far and why. Now, I understand that sometimes people are not comfortable entering their e-mail address and password in order to make a comment, so I am going to show you how to post without having to do that!

Click on "comments" under this blog.

If there are already comments left, you may have to scroll down or simply look to the right of your screen for the comment box and enter the name of your favorite entry and why. Sign your first name and your first initial of your last name INSIDE of the comment box.

Next, enter the "word verification" code.

Under "Choose Your Identity," select "Anonymous."

You will be posting "anonymously." However, if you have signed your name (first name and last initial) at the end of your comment, I will still know who it was that commented without you having to worry about your information being secure.

I will do a drawing from those who have commented to determine who the movie ticket winner will be. If you live out of state, I will do my best to get tickets for you to view the movie close to your home. If there are no theaters in your area showing the movie, I will buy you a copy of the movie when it is released. I will run this contest for a full week to give those who bookmark my blog time to check it out and to respond. The winner will be announced on Friday, September 5th.

A few that have been especially meaningful to me are, "Becoming Golden," "Aluminum Sculptures and Toby Mac," and "Where is Your Line?"

"Fireproof" is being released in less than one month! If you have not taken the time to watch the trailer yet, check it out. I believe this movie is going to be powerful!

Many Blessings!


Jimmy Parker said...

Shanda--you are a gifted writer. Your transparency and willingness to share personal difficulties and shortcomings is refreshing and inspiring. I've been repeatedly encouraged and challenged by your posts to keep my spiritual awareness high, examine my inner motives, and not be tempted to believe that by coaching others it means I've got it all figured out. What a lie!

I've really enjoyed many of your posts, but the one that encouraged me the most to look inwardly was Becoming Golden, specifically this sentence of yours:

"I have lived both openly and honestly during the "flames" and I have also pulled out of the lick of the fire pretending to be purified, shiny and golden in order to appear like I am a "good Christian" while the corrosion slowly took over my heart."

Wow. Powerful! Thank you Shanda.

Susan P said...

ha ha.... I just came to this blog entry to leave a message somewhat similar to the one my hubby wrote. So I think that's funny. I didn't know he left it.... anyway, my previous train of thought is now gone - replaced by my amusement that hubby and I chose the same entry to comment on - so now all I can think to say is that I really enjoy reading your blogs. I may not comment often, but I'm reading and pondering. You are definitely a gifted writer. Thanks for putting this out there. I hope you don't mind, but I sent a link out to some of my friends who I thought might also enjoy the blog.